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Our choice for Automation

There is no better choice for dynamically running tests, managing how to run them, and handling the results.



Zero-Programming for us to create your system
It may take some convincing, but we can show you how your test and measurement system can be done without any programming.  We will help you build Phase I of your system.

Zero-Programming for you to maintain your system
Once you've seen zero-programming systems, you will realize how easy it will be for you to modify and maintain your own systems.  For the second phase, you will not need our help.

Cyth Systems does it better
Many consulting companies choose to ignore TestStand for one primary reason: other companies want to charge you more. 

Would you pay a plumber extra to make you custom pipe and fittings on the job?  No, you'd certainly want them to  use off-the-shelf pipes and fittings. 

We have taken that approach and have embraced TestStand as the off-the-shelf solution which eliminates the need to create things like user login, sequence engines, database storage, and user-interfaces.   Then we added libraries of functions which allow us to complete the majority of jobs using existing code. 

The Result

The result : long-term relationships with our clients.  Customers are happier, sooner, and pay less overall. 

Using Cyth Systems and TestStand allows you to finish sooner, experience many advanced built-in features, and avoid creating bugs - all this for LESS cost than the alternatives.

Actual Customer Solutions

    Engine Testing for Major Aerospace Company (coming soon)

    TestStand controls hi-mix board testing for custom manufacturing (coming soon)

    TestStand used to create diagnostic guide for field troubleshooting


Features and Benefits

    Step-based User Interface which requires no code

    Ability to call code from LabVIEW, C++/C#, .net, Java

    Logic steps like For Loops, Do While Loops,

    Expressions to use any variable, result, input, or output of each step

    Global and local variables for passing data between steps

    Test data is automatically saved to a database without any setup or programming

    An HTML report is automatically generated by default, no configuration required

    Pre-conditional requirements for each step

    Setup and Cleanup sequences available to run before and after the main sequence

    Built-in User Management and Security

    Ability to work with external instruments over GPIB, RS232, etc. without having a driver

    Instrument commands to control any manufacturer's instrument interchangeably

    Automatic processing of multiple units in Parallel or Batch test schemes

    Steps included to control NI or 3rd party switch modules

Buying TestStand can save you thousands of dollars
The most common alternative to TestStand is NOT a competing product.  Instead, many companies choose to try to save money and write a custom application for automating simple and complex tests.  Many realize (too late) the complexity of writing a sequence engine, and experience limitations and delays with astronomical costs.

  • One company built a test sequencer that served their manufacturing needs by calling a fixed number of tests in a fixed order.  Writing this program took about 9 months, and experienced a typical number of debilitating programming bugs.

  • The same company tried to use borrow that program for life-testing, but the test needed to modified to repeat hundreds of times per day for months on end, and often the settings needed to be changed from the defaults used in manufacturing.  Thus a variant of the program had to be made, using two developers for about 5 months, and the software was too complex to ever be used.

  • Another company wanted a very flexible customized program for calling tests, and wanted to be able to change settings, change the number of loops, and many other features.  This program took about 2 years to create but only did about 10% of what TestStand can do.  It cost about $300,000 in programming hours over that time. 

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