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"Cyth Systems designs custom solutions with standard parts for measurement, test, embedded, vision, and automation systems."

Cyth is the key to completing your project on time and on budgetCyth Systems is the premier engineering firm in Southern California with a proven track record of success designing

Cyth differentiates itself by creating purpose-built systems for your projects using 95% standard products as building blocks.  The resulting product is maintainable, flexible, reliable, and achievable within time and budget constraints.

Cyth Systems employs engineers in a broad array of specialties to ensure that we can rise to the challenge no matter the industry.   We are experts in biotech, aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and more. 


Our Approach

Cyth uses the Right Parts to Create SolutionsOur approach is illustrated easily by considering a plumber, creating a customized plumbing system for a home.  Would you expect your plumber to design and manufacture unique parts to create your special system?  Of course not!  Such an approach would quickly become cost prohibitive, and would introduce unnecessary risks into the job.  In fact, because of the risks, you might never get your plumbing completed at all!


Instead, the plumber uses the Cyth approach:  He selects from a broad array of standard parts to design a system that effectively performs the job for which it is intended, on a reasonable schedule and budget.



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