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About Us

Cyth Systems is the premier engineering firm in Southern California with a proven track record of success designing automated test systems, machine vision systems, data management systems, and embedded control systems.  Cyth differentiates itself by creating purpose-built systems for your projects using 95% standard products as building blocks.  The resultant product is maintainable, flexible, reliable, and achievable within time and budget constraints.

Cyth Systems employs engineers in a broad array of specialties to ensure that we can rise to the challenge no matter the industry.   We are experts in biotech, aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and more.

  Cyth Company Personnel


Our Approach

"I have never seen a philosophy of test engineering as elegant as that of Cyth Systems.  Simplicity and solutions were all I needed, and Cyth delivered it." 

J.M., Physicist
Cymer, Inc.


Cyth is the Key to Saving MoneyTest systems and prototypes are a significant investment.  Our goal is to reduce both your risk, and your time to market or first test.  You can count on our results.  Since our systems are composed of engineer- and field-tested components, you can be sure that your own unique system will produce the results your expect, be done right on time, and remain within a budget you approve.

  Cyth Features and Benefits  

Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks

Cyth decreases development time and builds reliability into the system by using standard off-the-shelf technology for our building blocks.  These building blocks have been thoroughly tested, and found to be reliable not only by our engineers, but also by our clients who have field-tested them in their own completed installations.

Cyth is the missing piece of the Automated Test Systems puzzleTest systems.  Test systems are comprised of software and hardware,  integrated together to perform a test or series of tests.  Based on our extensive experience, Cyth knows exactly what components need to be included for each type of test station.  We specify instrumentation that will integrate together, and hardware and fixtures that we know will fit together and accommodate the project.  Our expertise and experience in sourcing saves you the time, frustration, and added expense of trying to install and run components that don’t work well together.

"We consider Cyth Systems our experts in the area of test, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others." 

D.W., Quality Design Engineer
TRW Automotive 


ExpressPlus LogoStandardized Software.  Our software solutions are turn-key for increased functionality, robustness, cost control, and quick implementation.   Cyth Systems is a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner , and is certified in LabVIEW and TestStand.  Cyth’s own ExpressPlusTM software components for TestStand will reliably execute almost any testing step you may need, and will even run third-party or your own in-house software programs as necessary.  Of course, we can also create any customized solution that you need.


OmniMetriQ LogoData Management & Storage.  Cyth helps you harvest and interpret the data you generate from your test and measurement systems by providing integrated enterprise reporting interfaces that allow you to easily and productively see, interpret, and act upon data you generate, worldwide across your enterprise.


FlexStackPrototypes.  Cyth produces functional prototypes quickly for the medical device industry and other applications by using standard components for 80+% of the parts.  Our modular embedded processor, FlexStackTM, is a flexible, modular, low powered prototyping platform that takes the time, risk and expense out of morphing a “working prototype” into a “presentable prototype” by providing a hardware platform that can migrate from prototype to production quickly and reliably.



Proof of Concept

Cyth knows that you need your investment to yield results.  Proof of concept gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment of time and money will accomplish your goals.

Instrument Test Systems.  Cyth offers Phase Zero, a preliminary phase in which Cyth builds a working prototype of your custom test or measurement system in-house, using all of the exact components of your final system.  Phase Zero reduces the out-of-pocket expense in proving your system will do what you need it to do, without the expense and risk of actually purchasing the equipment and fixtures, only to find that it is not feasible for your product or environment, or does not produce the results you expect.

Vision LabVision Lab.  Cyth also offers a full service Vision Lab.  Evaluate the feasibility of detection and measurement for your application by seeing the results before you invest in expense equipment!  Send your good or bad samples for testing.  We acquire images with the best camera, lens, and lights, and then provide you the results of the testing, and advise you on the best imaging equipment for your project.

"Cyth Systems have helped us develop vision systems and motion control for automated inspection... and quickly designed, prototyped, and developed new stations during our rapid growth" 

A.A., Process Engineering Manager


Multiple Disciplines & Broad Experience

Multiple experienced engineers representing numerous disciplines deliver a better, purpose-built system, on time.


About the Company

Cyth New Location ExteriorCyth Systems was founded in 1999 as a single consultant serving a single customer with LabVIEW programming services.  As National Instruments and LabVIEW began to grow in popularity, and it was becoming clear that their products and services were able to meet the needs of many customers, another employee was added, followed by others.

Today Cyth Systems is spread over 3 continents, and has multiple personnel at each site.  Our products are in use in multiple countries.

The main office for Cyth Systems is in the United States, in San Diego, California.

Our European office is run from two sites in the United Kingdom, serving Europe and the British Isles.




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