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Machine Vision Helps Validate Medical Products
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Vision and Custom Boards

Vision Application Examples


Vision Algorithms Examples

Automated Visual Inspection Platform

Cyth is an expert in machine vision systems design.  With our full service vision lab, you can  evaluate the feasibility of detection and measurement for your specific application. 

See the results before you invest in expensive equipment! 
  Vision Lab 

Send your good and bad samples for testing.  We acquire images with the correct camera, lens, and lights, and then provide you the results of the imaging, and advise you on the best vision equipment for your project.

Vision Lab Services

  • Object Presence/Absence

  • Recognize Defects or Objects

  • Measure or Caliper Features

  • Classify Objects into Types

  • Eliminate Obstructions

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Fluid Levels

  • Glass Inspection

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