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Introducing Cyth Systems' ExpressPlus!

ExpressPlus is a collection of add-on modules for LabVIEW, TestStand, Signal Express, and Vision Builder.

These modules eliminate programming by providing configuration wizards instead.

By using ExpressPlus developers will be able to speed up time-to-completion and make fewer mistakes, resulting in better test systems done sooner.

The Story of ExpressPlus

Cyth developed ExpressPlus tools for our own engineers to share software, use best practices, and eliminate programming work done during each integration project we do. 

Now those tools are available to other integrators and to end-users for creating test systems without programming.


We've shown time and time again that zero-programming is actually possible!  In our customers applications we spend more time configuring our ExpressPlus modules than time programming, and the ratio increases every day.


Figure 1 - With ExpressPlus your test sequence is written from a logical flow

How does ExpressPlus actually work?

Several programs from National Instruments provide you the ability to write code or create sequences of code steps.  ExpressPlus expands upon that system to give you more tools so you don't have to create them doing nay programming. 

ExpressPlus steps can be added to TestStand, LabVIEW, Vision Builder, and SignalExpress.  The steps appear directly in the program's menus for you to easily select the steps you want and add it to your sequence. 

Each step has a configuration window which exposes you to the settings required for each step to run the way you need them to run in order to achieve your test goals.

As shown in Figure 2, each ExpressPlus step has a configuration screen which guides you through the settings required to make the step work.  The only requirement for the user is to complete the steps, filling in the blanks, and the step is ready to run.

The improvements don't end there, though.

Many of the ExpressPlus screens have additional tools to help with configuring the step.  Figure 2 shows a rather simple task to click on a button, but the name of the window and the button are required and are usually hidden.  This step shows the "Help Me Choose" button, which reveals the hidden properties of buttons so that you can complete the step.  Features like this could save several minutes of extra work, and over the course of creating your entire test system can help you save many hours.

ExpressPlus & Hardware

Many programming tasks revolve around hardware, and most of the hardware we want to automate has software.  They tend to be tied together, and ExpressPlus bridges this gap in an easily manageable system.

Take a look at the ExpressPlus Light Tower in Figure 4 - one of many products available from Cyth System which has an ExpressPlus driver.

Anyone can plug in the USB light tower, and upon inserting this step the configuration window recognizes the 

ExpressPlus features deliver ROI

  • Develop Prototypes Faster - create sample sequences to test equipment or demo functions

  • Save Debug Time - code modules used have already been tested and debugged

  • Easier Training - similar interfaces for all your developers to use

  • Maintainable -

Available ExpressPlus Packages

A-La-Carte - Choose any of our 150 steps in 30-day evaluation mode, and license them individually so you only pay for the steps you actually use.

Virtual Operator - (12 steps) Automate Windows operations that usually require an operator like running software, selecting items from a menu, or clicking buttons.  Save the cost of paying an operator.

Communications Pack - (9 steps) Utilize common communications protocols like TCP/IP, VISA, and

Math Pack - (7 steps) Several interfaces for creating formulas, expressions,  and equation editors.

Device Drivers - too numerous to mention, common commands for the most popular instruments without downloading and reworking instruments from the internet. 

ExpressPlus for YOU
* Download modules for evaluation
* Order custom-made ExpressPlus modules

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Figure 2
- ExpressPlus steps appear in the menus of the software you prefer.  Adding steps is easy.

Figure 3 - Each ExpressPlus step has a simple configuration window (click to enlarge)

Cyth Systems - ExpressPlus Speed and Efficiency Study
National Instruments - Cyth TestStand Partner Project Page : ExpressPlus

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