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Leasing Program


Why Lease?

Cyth offers a leasing program for clients who have a need to invest in equipment for a test, controls, or vision system, but prefer not to make that investment in one lump sum.  Equipment leasing gives you more flexibility and tax savings than other financing options, and you can include all of the "soft" costs in your monthly payment, too!

Lease programs are available for purchases from $20,000 to $100,000.

Fixed Rates and Payments   Avoid a large down payment and receive one fixed payment for the length of the lease.  Plus, your lease can cover all "soft" costs including installation and maintenance, software, training, insurance, taxes and shipping. Using the Cyth Leasing Program Conserves Cash
Conserve Capital   Leasing maximizes your working capital, and because your cash isn't tied up in equipment you can use for other important things - like inventory, advertising and salaries.
A Payment Plan Tailored to Your Budget   Thanks to flexible terms and lower payments equipment leasing is the most flexible form of financing today.  
Tax Benefits   Write off payments on a qualifying lease as a direct operating expense, which may reduce your taxable income. (Consult your tax advisor)  


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