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September 26, 2008

Published on EDN.com - Electronics Design, Strategy, News
Cyth Systems' Embedded Modular Processor

Cyth Systems brings powerful mini-computer to the west coast


A 2.5" modular, stackable "mini-computer" combines a tiny powerful embedded processor with an easy embedded programming environment for flexible, off-the-shelf prototyping of medical devices, data loggers, electronics, robotics and sensors.

Source: Cyth Systems

Cyth Systems (San Diego, CA) announced that they are partnering with Boston Engineering Corporation (Waltham, MA) to bring the power of Boston Engineering’s FlexStack™ to the west coast.

FlexStack allows companies to streamline the prototyping of, or even jump-start the deployment of small, portable battery-powered devices – particularly medical devices, data loggers, electronics, robotics or sensors – by offering a quickly configurable, stackable bus architecture in an embedded hardware solution. Based on the Analog Devices Blackfin® Processor, FlexStack combines a tiny but powerful embedded processor with an easy embedded programming environment for flexible, off-the-shelf solutions.

At just 2.5x2.5 inches, FlexStack is the most flexible, modular, low powered prototyping platform available. The modular nature of the platform allows the user to add features such as Bluetooth, DAQ or FPGA as needed. This small, highly flexible form factor takes the time, risk and expense out of morphing a “working prototype” into a “presentable prototype” by providing a hardware platform that can migrate from prototype to production, the stackable modules allow the user to choose the capabilities and simply program them with National Instruments LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors, potentially saving months of development time and thousands of development dollars.

“Boston Engineering’s FlexStack product will aid us in our mission of bringing customized, turnkey solutions to our clients who need to get their testing, prototyping, and production up and running quickly,” said Andy Long, Cyth Systems’ Senior Director. “We are perfectly positioned in the medical and military world to help bring the FlexStack™ product to our clients.”

Erik Goethert, of Boston Engineering Corporation, agreed, saying, “There is great opportunity for Boston Engineering, Cyth Systems and for the FlexStack product line in the medical community on the West Coast, specifically in California. The best path to transform their ideas from concept to product is to use the right platform with the right experienced partners.”

Boston Engineering Corporation is an outsourced engineering services firm offering turn-key project development services to meet clients’ immediate and long-term needs for software, electrical, mechanical, and controls engineering. Their interdisciplinary systems approach follows a proven methodology that combines a focus on accelerated time to market with a Total System Responsibility™ philosophy. They are located in Waltham, MA and on the web at www.boston-engineering.com

Cyth Systems specializes in measurement and test automation systems integration, motion/vision systems, and data acquisition and management for industries such as medical device prototyping and manufacturing. They are located in San Diego, and on the web at www.cyth.com

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